And the gender is…..

Its A …….


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DSC_0475 (2)





If you missed the announcement, you can read it here

Weeks leading up to finding out the gender, I was asked often by my friends and family if I had any feelings on the sex or what it was I wanted; another girl or a boy. My answer may have been a selfish one, but I said I would love another girl. I would love for Tanner to have a sister, and we already know what to expect with a girl. If we have a boy, we’ll have to figure it out all over again! The thought of cleaning his privates and the pain he’ll endure with the circumcision frightens me but just like we did with Tanner, we’d figure it out. 

The night before we found out, I had what was my 3rd dream of the gender being a boy, so that morning when I woke up, I just knew we were going to have a little boy. A part of me kind of knew all along (in a way, but still secretly hoped for another little girl). When the sono tech confirmed that it was indeed a boy, I was actually thrilled!! Faheem and I looked at each other with eyes full of love and huge smiles on both of our faces! We are both very excited. We’re still trying to figure out a name. There is definitely a contender but still not positive. (And NO we’re not sharing #sorrynotsorry haha)

I’m super excited to start planning now, narrowing down the nursery; the decor, the furniture etc!. Not only does the baby get a new room but we’re moving Tanner into the bigger bed room and I may spruce up her decor also since its a bigger room and more wall space!! I’m super excited to start shopping for boy clothes too! (I may have already bought the two of them matching onesies! lol) And I’m super stoked about showing off my bump now that it finally is noticeable!

DSC_0515 (2)


I’ll keep you guys posted in the weeks to come on how I’m feeling and how the nursery and Tanners room is coming along!


As always, thanks for reading along! ♥

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