It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas to me is all about family; family coming together and seeing each other whether they live right around the block or hours away; whether it’s on Christmas or not. It’s a time to spread love, and joy to our friends, loved ones and to those we don’t even know. That is what makes me most happy about this holiday; seeing the joy on someones face because you gave them a thoughtful gift, or because you tipped the server 25% just because it’s the holidays. Or maybe you waited a few seconds to hold the door for someone, or picked up a shoe on the floor that a baby dropped but no one noticed. (this just happened to me and it really did put a smile on my face) I absolutely love this time of year. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday but for some reason, this year has been a little stressful and I feel more like the Grinch than anything.

I’ve been out every day this week doing last minute shopping for gifts for the family which is certainly not the easiest when you have to bring your cranky/teething almost 14 month with you (who recently started throwing a fit when I take something away or don’t give her what she wants. Yup, people loved that while we were out!) I felt such holiday pressure in having to make sure everyone has equal gifts, did I spend the same amount, this one has 2 presents to unwrap so I have to do the same for that one; yadi yada. It got to the point where shopping for everyone just took a toll on me and just made me feel like this was a chore and not something that I actually wanted to do. (and I LOVE shopping!) Even for Tanner, she’s not old enough yet to know about Santa so out of 5 gifts, 3 of them were toys or clothes she had but just hasn’t played with. (bad mom? nah I don’t think so, she’ll never know! lol)  Now that the shopping is out of the way, next year my Christmas shopping is definitely getting done ALL online!!! LOL

Speaking of Santa, I took Tanner to see him yesterday and she wasn’t too sure about him. HAHA this was the best photo they got!


We have a jam packed weekend with family and I’m very excited to see them and I know that once I’m with them all of this holiday stress and Grinch-like feelings will go away because at the end of the day, It really is the most wonderful time of the year and my favorite holiday ♥

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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