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How we became us

Over the weekend, Faheem and I reached our 7 year dating anniversary! It may not sound like a long time to some of you, but to us it is! here’s a glimpse in how we became us ♥

Faheem and I met at work. – Ruby Tuesday to be exact. I was working at the restaurant for 5 years already when he was transferred to my store to become the new General Manager. (yes, he was my boss ::insert the monkey covering it’s eyes emoji here haha::) I remember the very first time we met, I was so nervous to repeat his name back to him because it’s not your average name and I was embarrassed that I was going to pronounce it the wrong way and I didn’t want to do that! I even remember telling a co worker how good looking he was and telling friends that I had a crush on my boss!

When he asked me out on our first date (I was just coming out of a relationship and wasn’t really ready to be serious with anybody else) I said “sure but do me a favor and try not to fall in love with me”! LMAO! I must have heard that line in a movie before and always wanted to say it lol. Anyways the night of our first date I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. The conversation went from one topic to the next and we just laughed and laughed and had so much fun! Lets just say, on the way home that night, I knew I was hooked; and by the end of 2010 we started dating. On the night we said “I love you” for the very first time I knew I was saying those 3 words to the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with! ♥


On our 1 year anniversary he got me this beautiful key necklace and asked me to move in with him ♥. (aww so sweet right!) He already had our cat Phoenix for a few years and I have to admit I was not a cat person before meeting her but instantly fell in love! And in 2012 we adopted our second kitty Cleo.

In 2013 we moved into another apartment, and ended up getting engaged while on vacation in Outer Banks, NC in the beginning of September. It was so amazing – he proposed with a message in a bottle! I’ll have to share this story another time because it’s such an amazing story!

In 2014, we moved to another apartment closer to my hometown (Faheem was now the General Manager in the Time Square restaurant) and got married in November! (I can’t believe its going to be three years already!)

After searching for what felt like forever, but was really only a few months, we became homeowners in 2015. So we’ve been in our home for a little over 2 and a half years!


Beginning of 2016 Faheem took me to Mexico to celebrate my 30th birthday. When we got back (seriously a few days later) we decided to drive around to look at puppies because we were thinking of getting one! Well, we ended up at the shelter where we adopted Cleo and there he was – a freakin’ beautiful husky. (in a shelter! like what!!?) We both always said we wanted a husky so we knew it was meant to be as soon as we saw him! We brought him home with us on February 2nd. Oh boy it was not easy! Less than a month later we found out I was pregnant! I was extremely sick during my first trimester so dealing with the sickness and a new dog was really hard for me. It was so hard that I was ready to find him another home. After getting the word out and meeting with a few people, I just didn’t think anyone we met would be the right fit for Denali. So finally after really thinking about it I decided realized that the pawfect home was the one he was already a part of. ( I say I because Faheem never wanted to let him go to begin with) We did some amazing training with him and he became a totally new dog! He’s so gentle with Tanner and so over protective as you can see if you follow my stories on Instagram!

maternity5     maternity1maternity4

Tanner graced us with her presence on October 30 2016 (4 days early). It was over 24 hours of labor but only about an hour and a half of pushing. As every parent would say; she is our everything! We are so in love with her!

Now here we are 7 years together, almost 3 years married, 3 amazing fur babies, and 1 beautiful baby girl! We’ve been through joy and sorrows, heartaches and laughter. This is our journey and its what made us The Memon’s. ♥

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