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Time moves faster than you think.

It’s crazy how fast time goes by. We always say it, but it really does. I feel like as you get older the faster it goes, and especially now that I’m a mom it’s flying by! Last October I was preparing my Self for Tanner to enter this world and now here I am 27 days away from my baby girl turning one. Like what the what!?! How the HECK did that happen!!

This time last year we were getting the last necessary things done before Tanner made her arrival. Making sure her nursery was ready, that we had enough things, that we had the right things, having our hospital bags packed and all other things in order.

But before that could happen, we took maternity photos to capture the beauty of it all!  I’m such a sucker for photos, if there’s a camera around, I am so ready for a photo op. Those that know me, know I’m quite the selfie queen! LOL but when I have the chance to get professional photos done, I will! (whether Faheem likes it or not haha). These photos just showed up on my Facebook memories so I had to share!

Back in June, we decided to take some family photos and I’ve showed a few since we got them but planned on sharing a lot more. Clearly I didn’t. While on the topic of how time goes by so fast, these were taken 3 months ago and I feel like Tanner has changed so much already. Looks especially! Her hair is now fully covering her eyes lol, and these rompers she’s wearing actually fit her now (that summer is over).

all photos from Jennifer Tuosto Photography 

Now here we are, getting things ready for her first birthday celebration! – which we are doing in 2 weeks (since we wanted to make sure the weather was nice and not too chilly!) and it’s all just hitting me. Like how are we here already. I feel like we just got home from the hospital with our little one. I feel like she just rolled over, and just started crawling. And now that we’re in her birthday month, she’s walking/running everywhere! She’s saying mama, dada, and nana and she loves to mimic Denali by growling back at him HAHA. It really is the funniest thing ever! Since becoming a mom, I have learned that you really need to soak up all you can, enjoy every moment with your little one because before you know it shes not going to be a baby anymore! Time really does move faster than we think!







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