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Most of the time Tanner and I are either out running errands or home playing with her toys. I always feel like we need to do other things or get her out of the house to see more. When we go on walks, she loves looking at everything – she’s very curious.  So we decided to take her to the aquarium last week.


Resized952017083095151357 (2)







There were sting rays in the shark tank also, and one of them swam across the glass with its face to us. I wish I had the camera ready to snap the photo because it seriously was so funny!

Resized952017083095153123 (2)

20170830_150816 (2)


Let me tell you a quick story about this shot. We were sitting down to watch the sealion show and not many people were there yet. Tanner was getting cranky and it was about time to nurse her. Unfortunately I am one of those breastfeeding mom’s who does NOT like nursing in public. I purposely wore this kimono for easy cover up just in case I had to feed her. Well, it started getting a little busy and I kept getting nervous. “everyone is going to stare at me, yadi yada.”  We were sitting towards the very end of the row, so I thought well if I turn the other way, no one will see. Of course, someone with another child comes and sits literally right on top of us so that was that. I had to leave the show and find a private area to nurse her in. Man I wish a wasn’t so nervous to just do it! However we were still able to see the seals and at least Faheem got to enjoy the show! lol

Anyways , it was fun getting out of the house and doing something new with Tanner. She really seemed to enjoy her self and passed right out on the car ride home! If any of you Long Islander’s with a baby are looking for something to do, check out the Aquarium!

Oh and before I forget, most of the photo cred’s go to Faheem! ♥



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